Denmark is one of those countries in which the Globe Cup is checked out particularly seriously since of the human civil liberties’ situation in Qatar. Instead of traditionally, one sentence is completely in black in red and white, the hallmark of the maker and the logo of the association are hard to acknowledge.


With the motto Human being Legal right for All (human civil liberties for all), the Danish national group wished to educate in Qatar at the 2022 World Cup. As the Danish Football Association (DBU) revealed on Thursday to the Danish news firm Ritual, FIFA did not satisfy the demand. An organization representative confirmed the no from the World Organization.

FIFA guidebook forbids using or revealing political messages

In November 2021, the DBU revealed that the sponsors made their put on the jackets for political messages. According to the legal manual of FIFA, the showing or putting on of political messages is prohibited.

Denmark played an impressive credential, at first won the first nine video games with a goal distinction of 30: 1. Only the worthless last game against Scotland was shed 0: 2. At the Globe Mug, Danish Dynamite plays in Group D with Australia, France as well as Tunisia.