In these tips guide to Commuter: Starship Architect & Commander you can find out:

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If you have always wanted to design your own spaceships and compete against nasty pirates, Commuter is: Starship Architect & Commander your game. You build your spaceship in an extensive editor and thus destroy other ships. However, Commuter is quite complex. So that you do not lose the overview, we will tell you important tips and tricks.

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most important tip: save regularly!

What sounds banal has already cost us one or the other nerve when playing Commuter. If you only have one ship, it is best to save before every fight-otherwise the game can be over very quickly, and you have to restart at a car parking point. Tip: Open the settings and seek the option for saving when it comes to key assignment. Place it on any button (or use the specified key combination) and prefer to press it too often than too little.

does not overload your ship

Simply build the entire ship with armor and then see how the opponents bite their teeth? Unfortunately, this is not possible, otherwise the speed of the ship will suffer and the opponents maneuver. That is why our first tip after painful own experience is: your ship balancers well and relies on a good mix of firepower, maneuverability and armor. So you get along well against the first pirates and can create a thick financial cushion from which you can then design your ship according to your wishes.

extends your storage space early

Once you have shot an enemy ship to scratch, grab the remaining resources of the wrecks with the break-up function (the small pointed hoe next to your ship in the lower left menu). With these you then expand your ship. However, the storage room on your ship is very limited at the beginning, which is why you should buy your own warehouse ship.

To do this, you first have to shoot an enemy ship. This works best if you destroy the cockpit or command center. Then you can send your crew with the small menu at the bottom left. After a successful board, you can fit it together and fly to the next space station.

When you arrive at the space station, you will rebuild it according to your ideas. Since it should only serve as a warehouse ship, you hardly need any weapon systems-sets in storage room, armor and maneuverability. A lot of thrust nozzles are a must, for example. Then you set the ship on Follow at your main ship, and you already have a huge storage space for your architectural dreams.

assign storage spaces in Cosmoteer-that’s how it works

In order to use the storage space sensibly, you assign the resources to the various squares in the camps. For example, it makes sense to keep ammunition near the weapon. At the same time, you can optimally equip different bearings and keep an overview.

relies on cannons at the beginning

So that you cut through your opponents as smoothly at the beginning, rely on the standard cannons and their expansion stages. The causes great damage and are comparatively easy to drive-you only need ammunition, energy and crew members. As soon as you have unlocked the large cannon, you have to take care of their ammunition care. This works best with an ammunition factory.

The ammunition factory places you as close as possible to the cannons and the appropriate storage rooms so that your crew can transport the ammunition as quickly as possible. Since you need sulfur for the ammunition production, you should regularly control and dismantle asteroids with the raw material. A mining laser helps enormously. But pay attention to your energy-the laser consumes a lot of it.

How do the lasers work in Commuter?

In Commuter you can not only work with cannons or rockets. As it should be for a good SCIFI game, lasers are also part of the game. The small rays are somewhat weak in themselves. Fortunately, there are prisms. These bundle laser rays and thus significantly increase the damage. However, they also lose some damage per bundled beam-a clever construction is required here. Tip: No more than two rays focus per prism.

If you have optimally designed everything, you will receive a huge laser beam that melts ships in a matter of seconds. Since this requires a lot of resources and planning, you should first familiarize yourself with the basics of Commuter and then take a look at your own death star.

adapts your crew in commuter

So that your ship in Commuter works optimally, you have to pay attention to a good crew composition. To do this, create different roles for different tasks in the crew tab. You can then assign the roles per neighborhood-therefore distribute the quarters as sensibly as possible to the right roles on your ship.

This means that you station, for example, your weapon officers as close as possible to the cannons so that the paths are as short as possible. In addition, you should limit the activities so that your cannon is not responsible for supplying the drives with energy.


tips on the fights and the break function

Important: keep an eye on the distance and speed as well as the systems of your ship during the fight. You can switch off systems such as the mining laser in combat because it only consumes energy unnecessarily.

At the same time, you should try to keep the optimal distance for your weapons. For example, if you are traveling with a rail gun, you can keep your opponent at a distance-with cannons, on the other hand, you want to approach the enemy as close as possible. If you have to readjust, pause the fight with the space button and hold Shift down. Now a cross appears on the red ray that connects you and your opponent. This allows you to correct the distance and attack angle of your ship.

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