Call of Duty: DMZ allows players to explore the open world of Asmara and perform missions to obtain various intrastate awards. There are also several hidden secrets on the map, such as inaccessible establishments and detected caches, one of which is a lost box with career tools.

How to unlock a lost key to a career worker tool in War zone 2 DMZ

To open this hidden cache, you first need to get the key that opens it. The key to a box with lost tools of the career employee can be obtained by completing the mission of the white lotus fraction of level 2 called Bombardment. This mission sets you the task of expelling a demilitarized zone with six series of murders for one deployment.

A series of murders, such as UAV, Counter UAV and Advanced UAV, can be purchased in the Equipment section at the purchase stations. These items usually cost $12,000 and are available only in limited quantities at the purchase station. Therefore, you will have to visit at least two purchase stations to get the required number of murders.

Since a series of murders cost a lot of money, you will first have to earn money by performing contracts in a demilitarized z1. The completion of the contract for safe radioactive material is very effective, since it gives you not only money, but also nuclear fuel rods that you can sell for $10,000. In addition, you must also continue to rob money, as you can find a series of Cluster Mine murders in some random chests with prey.

where to find a lost box with career tools in War zone 2 DMZ

Now that you have the key to him, you will want to know the location of the lost box with a career tool. It is located in the career of Al-Aqsa, POI, located in the northwestern part of the map. Having reached the place marked on the map above, you will see a small pool of water. Dive into the pool, and at the bottom you will find a lost box with career tools. Use your key to open it and pick it up.


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