Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 25th that it will unveil the Asia Focus Test of the real-time action Battle Royale PC game ‘HYPESQUAD / Developer Net marble Into’ and recruit participants.


‘Asia Focus Test’ will be conducted for users of Asians such as Korea and Japan from December 5th to 13th, and can apply for participation by downloading ‘High Squad’ before the test ends on the official Steam page.

Net marble will introduce new contents ‘Touchdown’ and ‘High Square’ in this test. ‘Touchdown’ is a new combat mode where five teams form a team to obtain a score by touching the bombs generated in the center of the map to the opposing team base.

‘Hope Square’ is a community mode that allows you to freely explore Ariosto, a map set in the future city. You can enjoy mini-games such as treasure hunt and cross bridge that are implemented throughout the map.

‘Hope Squad’ is a real-time action Battle Royale game in the future, and will be officially serviced through the global game distribution platform Steam and the Epic Games Store. In this game, it is characterized by selecting various weapons to participate in solo or three-person squad battles.

For more information about ‘High Squad’, please visit the Steam Store, the official website, the discoed, and YouTube.