The completion of the Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is often the main goal of Pokémon coaches.
He rewards you with such things as a brilliant charm, as well as personal satisfaction from the realization that you caught them all.
However, catching all these Pokémon will not be easy, especially because of more rare Pokémon.
If you want to get an advantage, you can use certain Pokémon with access to certain movements that increase your chances of catching them all.

The best Pokémon of the early Pokémon Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Here are three Pokémon that you can get at the beginning of the game, and which will greatly help you when trying to catch new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Pokémon.


It is easy to find Pauli on Polo Path, and it is valuable with two movements that he quickly learned.
Thunder wave and muzzle.
A thunder wave will not damage the enemy Pokémon, but most likely it paralyzes its goal.
Paralysis is a status effect that facilitates the capture of Pokémon, and it will not slowly cause damage to the enemy Pokémon, like poisoning or burning.
Nuzzle also paralyzes its target, and this technique has an accuracy of 100 points for loading, but it also inflicts slight damage of 20 points, so be careful not to accidentally knock out Pokémon, which you want to catch instead.

Hoppip is a elder Pokémon, but it remains very valuable for filling your Pokédex.

This is due to its access to three movements, which can cause various status effects: Poison Powder, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder.
It is also a faster, but generally weaker Pokémon, so your chances are accidentally reduced to knock out a potential catch.
You can easily find Hop pip on the way of the generation at the first launch of the game.

RATS or IGlybuff

Although it is more difficult to find range, it can be found at the beginning of the game.
Its fully developed forms are dangerous favorites of fans.
It also has access to hypnosis at an early stage.
This technique lulls the enemy Pokémon, which greatly facilitates their capture.
If you want to find an even lighter Pokémon, IgGlybuff is also nearby and can strew the enemy Pokémon in one movement.


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