With Marvel’s Midnight Suns, 2K Games launched a tactical role-playing video game by the strategy professionals at Fir axis Games (including COM 2, Civilization 6) on December 2nd, in which you with Iron Guy, Blade, Wolverine and other Marvel heroes prior to you
a dark risk has to save what else!
Marvel’s Midnight Suns integrates tactical, round-based fights with role-playing character advancement and a lot of stories, in which you discover and experience more about the Marvel heroes, we would communicate with each other.
You can likewise produce your private version of the protagonist Hunter, who leads the heroic force.
You can discover more about the effective tactics game in our detailed test.
Why do we tell you that?
Due to the fact that in cooperation with Publisher 2K Games we have a profit project for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, where the game can be won five times for PC (as a Steam secret)!
To win, you have to play quizzes in our test tool and consequently get experience points.
For every single properly answered concern in a test you get XP.
If you can reveal at least 30,000 experience points in the weekly leader board this week, i.e. from December 5 to December 12, you will immediately participate in the competitors and can get a copy of the video game.
December 12, 2022, at 11:55 p.m.
Please note that just the gathered experience points this week count, not the experience points already or after!
And another idea: a test that you have currently played before offers extremely a couple of experience points.
Essential: In order for your experience indicate be conserved and appear in the leaderboard, you need to be visited while having fun with your Games account!
You can either register via this link or by means of the matching button in the test tool if you do not yet have an account.
You can get your first experience points here and play the following test to Marvel’s Midnight Suns.
Or you can just select quizzes for your preferred topics in the test explorer straight in the tool.
And of course you can take a look at our test page at any time and eliminate it.
We want all test individuals a great deal of fun resolving the concerns and best of luck in competition!
The legal process is left out as always and a money payment of the prices is not possible.
Our general competitors condition that likewise apply to this competition can be found here.
Incidentally, we are simply holding another competition as part of our PC-Games podcast.
There you can win cool goodies for hit games like God of War: Ragnarök or Horizon: Forbidden West.


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