In Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ, players can capture the air defense system to destroy any flying plane, forcing them to lose supplies.
These SAM sites are also part of different fractions missions.
The mission of dominance in the air for the White Lotus fraction of level 3 sets you the task of simultaneously control the three SAM sites.

Manual in the air in the air in DMZ

To fulfill the mission of dominance in the air, first open your tactical card and determine if there are three SAM sites grouped together in the region.
SAM zones are marked with a white rocket icon, as shown on the map above.
If you find three such equipment concentrated in one region, the task will be much easier.
Otherwise, your team may have to divide in order to simultaneously control the three SAM sites.
After you decide which SAM sites you need to hit, head to the marked place and destroy all the enemies protecting it.


Interact with the equipment to start the capture process.
While the capture is going on, a couple of waves of enemies from which you will have to fight back will be attacked.
After you capture Sam Site, it will remain under your control for about eight minutes.
During this time, you will need to capture two more air defense systems to fulfill the mission of dominance in the air in the demilitarized zone.
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