The professions have undergone serious changes to World of Warcraft with the extension of Dragon flight.


Alchemy, engineering and the rest now have specializations, as well as long-term extensions.
Depending on the profession, players can specialize in three or four specializations, investing knowledge points.
These knowledge points are acquired from various sources in expansion, but the key point in them is that after investing, the return of funds is impossible.

So it’s good to have a game plan for your precious glasses.

Specialization of the Alchemy of the Dragon flock World of Warcraft

Alchemical theory

The basic bonus of the alchemical theory is that players receive +1 to the skill for all recipes for a point in this specialization.
This specialization is devoted to transmutation and transformation of objects from one to another.
This goes back to the times of the glory of the alchemy of the vanilla era.
This is a strong contender for gold and the performance of working tasks.

Mastery Potions

The skill of potions gives a basic bonus +1 to the skill of creating potions and alchemical stones associated with them for a point in specialization.
Non-feline potions will be stored longer with additional bonuses to the consumption of the potions of dragon islands.
For single players, this can be a good route, but not recommended for group content or income, since there is simply no versatility and functionality.

phial skill

The skill of the bottles gives +1 to the skill for the point of specialization in the manufacture of bottles and alchemical stones associated with them.
Finals from the dragon islands last 30 minutes longer, and further specialization increases the duration of the actions of violets filled with elements, and the bonus to create bottles and multigrain.
For those who are interested in the development of myths and raids, here you will receive the maximum return on your investment.
Finals were and will be crucial for the passage of the most complex Anaheim Contain.
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