When it comes to transport simulation, Snow runner is a game worth your time. With unique features such as luggage, error loans and four exclusive skins, Snow runner has something for everyone! The developers of Snow runner are also releasing an update that brings improved graphics and more content in the future.

A new update supplies the transport simulation Snow runner on Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC with many error loans and unique skins.
The trucks Freightliner M916 and 114SD, International HX520 and the Chevrolet Kodiak с70 are now released in a brand-new guise.
Switch players can look forward to activated mod assistance.
A number of mistakes were fixed that concerned the New Game Plus mode and the mod editor.
More enhancements concern the locations of storage, gameplay and performance optimizations, UI corrections and game falls.
Patch Notes
New material
[DLC] Immediate Reward: 4 Exclusive Skins for the Freightliner M916 and 114SD, International HX520 and Chevrolet Kodiak с70 Trucks
Mods Now Are Allowed on Nintendo Change
New Game Plus (NGP).
Repaired a bug where the Program Video Game Rules Option had actually no appointed button in List of Saved Games on Nintendo Change.
Repaired a bug where was impossible to Switch trucks after selecting any paid specification for the Truck Switching Guidelines alternative in NGP on PlayStation4 and Nintendo Change.
Fixed a BUH where producing a NGC save hindered the last custom-made circumstance with NGC fashion saves.
Fixed a bug where was dominated to developer a NGC save after subscript the mod map used in the consumer circumstance with NGC.
Fixed a bug where no cash was subtracted when releasing a truck after switching regions after picking any paid criterion for the Taking a trip to between choice in NGP.
Fixed a bug where the Car Repair Regional Rules were not applied in the video game.
Repaired a bug where crash encountered when Day just Rule was selected in the NGC menu after creating a save with night just rule.
Repaired a bug where truck took a Water damage in the NGC save if the No Damage specification of the car damage guidelines what picked.


  • Repaired a BUH where crash experienced when attempted to developer NGC with time setting: Always Daytime on Xbox Series.
    Mod editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the Propertycargotruckspawner Zone Could Be chosen in the Select Type Window of the Zone Settings Menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the objective-wardstrial and objective-wardrialPartitem Reward Types Were Displayed in the Benefits product of the zone settings menu.

  • Repaired a bug where text input field was displayed in the cargo pack product of the ActionpackSettings Stage Rather of the Drop-Down List.
  • Fixed a bug where the zone setting text input field was displayed in the Select Type pop-up Window of the Surface Locators List Product Rather of Drop-Down List of the Readily Available Zones.
  • Repaired a bug where text input field what showed in the Additionaltaskgivers item Rather of the drop-down list.
    Other Modifications.
  • Repaired a BUH where crash experienced When Loading to the Map of White Valley Level, Alaska on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  • Repaired a bug where Working the field Job Didn’t Development on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a BUH where visitor what undead to progress through the sample field Task in co-op.
  • Repaired sideboard visual for step pike.
  • Repaired Log Forks Vehicle Orient (Now Log Forks Will Be Oriented at the Minute of Activation of the Crane).
  • Performance and memory optimizations.
  • Different UI fixes.
  • Different render fixes.
  • Localization fixes.