The Division Resurgence is a game that runs in mobile environments, and it’s been a long time since the last update of this kind, we’re talking about 4 years or so. It’s available for download from the App Store or Google Play and you can take advantage of a closed beta to try out innovative features such as improved graphics, an improved AI system, the ability to equip up to 2 skills at once and more.

Game committed to mobile environments, The Division Resurgence made its huge start at the end of this fall by launching by means of a closed beta to which you are currently possible to register.
Using up the dystopian universe of the Ubisoft series, The Department Resurgence attempts to compact in a smartphone the initial game experience, in the type of free-to-play.
Declared last July, the game will be offered both on Android and iOS on a date for the moment still vague.

It is currently possible for you to take a look at it by registering for the beta, posted online on December 8, and running up until 22. Be cautious however, as its name suggests, this very first test will be limited and
Just part of the gamers will have the opportunity to participate.
At the program level, the lucky youngsters will have the chance to browse 7 main objectives and 12 secondary objectives, all by means of 3 classes available at the start of the experience and an unlockable at level 15. Also, you will be able to look after you
With every day and weekly quests, without forgetting goals to be attained, there to each week.


In addition to the existence of the popular Dark Zone where deceptiveness becomes an approach, escort activities will also belong to the package, in addition to a dispute mode, limited to a single card.
Found between the two primary episodes, The Department Resurgence likewise has an open world.