The Goat of the Open World

A game of banners and YouTubers par excellence, Goat Simulator amazed more than one when it was introduced in 2014. The one who was parodying the legendary Dead Island trailer at the time never concealed his desire to commemorate the games
Utilizing her goat in turn as a heroine, Punching Ball or a terrific trainer of a plot intended at ruling the goats.
From its opening, Goat Simulator 3 remembers these intentions with an intro that parodies that of Skyrim, where we find out that a malicious farmer has actually abducted this brave goat to get rich.
A choice which he will quickly regret because as quickly as he lets us go, we offer himself to heart to put the whorehouse on his farm, with frequently false airs of the wheelchair of an Untitled Goose Game in which we take
A unfortunate pleasure in rotting everybody’s life.
However, the narration practices around a dream delirium, on a goat chopper-château where you need to open a huge door at all costs by fulfilling the various quests of the game, which usually stimulate other titles.
We feel that Coffee Discoloration North, to provide a real interest to this suite, attempts to come out (very gradually) of the easy sandbox video game to use a slightly more present narrative, however also lots of references that enable you to laugh
Beyond the nonsense that we make with our inconsistent goat.
I will avoid saying too much about these references, all the salt of the game living in there, with the discovery of all the games and works of pop culture that Goat Simulator 3 Singe with success or not.
The map is also big enough to use some great corners, including the city made from skyscrapers which books some funny missions.
By providing access to a big map, which is revealed by synchronizing with towers (well, this reference was unavoidable), the video game enables itself more ambition, both for its environments and for gameplay.
Really vertical thanks to a mountainous area, in the air or on the road by flying a car, the title multiplies circumstances to align more or less successful gags.
The game also in some cases suffers from a heavy tone if we laugh with great heart in the face of the absurd of certain circumstances.
The trip de force lies in a fairly alive world, both for the omnipresence of its residents and for its capability to use us something to do no matter where we go and when.
Indeed, the majority of the little missions readily available to us can be performed in the order that we desire, as long as we discover them on the map and that we go there by comprehending more or less this
which is anticipated people.
Whether it is squashing a farmer with his tractor, developing a cosplay at an arrangement or putting the whorehouse in a factory, the goat is multitasking and basically seeks to turn the lives of the residents who do not appear so surprised
When they meet a goat while driving a vehicle, that.
On the gameplay side, the title is incredibly similar to the first game, with its excellent sides like the agility and dynamism of the goat, the possibility of catching a little all that we fulfill along with the rag doll animations of the characters that enable
to do great deals of rubbish.
We feel the very various possibilities (use of things, weapons, vehicles…) for a reliable physical engine, however we are also confronted with the bad sides of the first game: the imprecision of the gameplay, the disappointment on
Quests that force to get on buildings or platforms that reveal not incredibly trustworthy dives, but likewise the crazy cam.

It’s funnier for lots of

The real excellent thing of Goat Simulator 3 is its cooperative mode, as much as four, which enables you to accomplish some missions, however above all to make use of the mini-games of the map or, merely, to put a brothel by terrifying
the occupants.
It needs to be confessed that the game has less solo taste, with the impression of having a little more of the very same thing, this sequel doing essentially what the first proposed after its numerous updates.
Undoubtedly, his references are considerate, and we value the effort made on the narration and the staging of the objectives to offer a little more frame and leave the easy sandbox video game, but we remain in front of a title that does little or little
Pro what was anticipated of him, without astounding.
Except the costume system which permits us to dress our goat with functional things, in some cases upsetting the gameplay: wings to hover, fireworks to attack the inhabitants… genuine good additions that
Regularly renew the gameplay and allow us to approach specific objectives differently, beyond the undoubtedly fun aesthetic element, particularly when you drag on several over-armed goats.

Sadly, Goat Simulator 3 still drags a tare of its older, and it is visual: it is damn naughty.
Admittedly, we do not anticipate to be visually impressed by such a video game, but the animation side of the artistic instructions struggles to actually come out and is itself too minimal by an aging graphic engine, not well helped by textures which
have developed little and fundamental lighting as possible.
Too similar to the first in spite of less dull tones, it lacks a little grain of additional madness and a more assumed cartoon style.
The game is not helped either by its efficiency, given that it permits itself to row periodically on PlayStation 5. As for its soundtrack, it winds up completing the artistic aspect of the video game with 2 titles that run in loop up until
‘ To what we choose to deactivate it totally.


We didn’t wait on a huge video game, simply fun, and Goat Simulator 3 brings it.
With some great gameplay ideas, a card adequately supplied to bring his narration to life a little stupid but amusing and his missions loaded with recommendations, the video game makes up for his big failures.


Artistic failures in particular, with a license which develops insufficient on this point and that makes the rigorous minimum as well as a technique alongside the plate which does not manage to put itself at the level of contemporary platforms.
We have a good time unquestionably, however it remains lazy, with a video game to stream side far too important, trying to find the right joke that will end up being viral rather than the video game interest.
Test carried out by Achim on PlayStation 5 from a version offered by the publisher.