How to Get and unlock to Run

I recommend you check out and follow the Run Antique Hunt Missions Guide initially if you have actually not finished them yet. Get back here for the Dacron!

Since the Dacrons in SW TOR are Legacy-bound, you only require to get it on one character. All your other alts will take advantage of the +10 Mastery Points increase.

The Run Daily Area and the Dacron in it are only offered after you complete the 7.0 story arc, which implies you need to finish the main story on Canaan, launched with Legacy of the Sith on each character you want to do Run dailies with.

The Dacron on Run is available just after you complete three long Relic Hunt missions readily available in the Daily Location of the world. Due to the fact that the enthusiast you get from the third one will enable you to get to the Dacron, you have to do them all.

SW TOR Run Antique Hunt Missions Guide

The platforming is significantly simpler than what you have to do to get a few of the other Dacrons, however you have to be quick and precise due to the fact that you still don’t have a lot of room to move and there are knock backs you need to avoid.

As soon as you’ve acquired the Repulsed System from the final Relic Hunt, you can actually go get the Run Dacron.

Run Dacron Video Walkthrough

If you choose to read instead, below the video walkthrough, you will discover all of this described in plain text and images.

Starting Point for the Run Dacron

If you keep going directly through this cavern, you’ll wind up at a dead end beside a knapsack, rope, and note, all of which not do anything.

You actually walked past the correct course, which will be on your right as you walk towards the entryway, or on your left if you’re can be found in.

You will soon see the knapsack, note and rope listed below you. Your path continues up. Climb the rocks.

At the top, when you leave the cavern, turn left and follow the narrow course. Do not stop here! There are a lot of taking off Lam bro; you will get knocked off and have to redo this part.

The starting point for the Run Dacron is a narrow opening in the side of the rock in the Overgrown Mining Site. Considering that the preliminary path is narrow, and the camera doesn’t like that, I recommend dismissing your companion for this part

As you stroll along, you’ll learn that the Lam bro (cactus plants) in this little cavern blow up soon after you come up to them. You’ll take a little quantity of damage and get knocked back if you remain in their red circles.


Repulsed System Jump and Raid Fight Encounter

Do not jump to the first tentacle, that is a dead end.

You can vacate the circle or position yourself in a manner so that the knock back (it’s from the center outwards) won’t push you off the edge. The circles vanish after a couple of seconds however continue even after the tentacle has actually been beat.

Its most convenient to do this section on an Assassin/ Shadow or Juggernaut/ Guardian since they have passives that reset the cooldown on their leap capability, allowing you to avoid the platforming area completely. Do not forget to take Reapers Rush/ Stalkers Speed as an Assassin/ Shadow. It’s still manageable on other maps, you’ll simply have to wait on the ability to come off cooldown.

On the course listed below, there will be Cave Tendril arms. Be cautious about the knock back from the red circles they put on you.

Cave Tentacles

You will get ambushed by Raid animals as quickly as you land. Defeat them.

Following the path on the edge of the cliff, you will reach this Repulsed Unit. Stand on it and trigger Repulsed Pad.

Near the supplier android, find the hole in the ground and leap into it.

You will have a couple of more arms to defeat and leaps to carry out.

Final Battle Encounters

A brief distance past this encounter, you will see the Run Dacron. At this point, you can probably hear the unique noise of a Dacron nearby quite loudly.

The Applicants will cast Rise consistently, so ensure you’re not standing with your back to the ledge. Kite them to avoid the knock back and think about utilizing your Brave Minute to take them down quicker.

There will be two more combat encounters waiting for you when you go back to the surface. A silver Hidden Chain Beast master and a couple of Tieback adds will stand on your way to the Dacron

How to get the Run Dacron.

Before you get your +10 Proficiency, you have one last encounter to beat. 2 Concealed Chain Seekers (gold) and a typical opponent will ambush you as you approach the Dacrons area.



Step-by-step instructions discussing how to reach and get the Dacron on Run in SW TOR. This is a short version of the complete guide and can function as a summary if you do not want to go through the complete walkthrough.

  1. Open Run by completing the Story from 7.0.
  2. Total the Relic Hunt Missions, discussed in a separate guide.
  3. Enter the narrow opening in the side of the rock in the middle of the Overgrown Mining Site location.
  4. Turn left and take the path leading up. If you reach the dead end, turn back and turn.
  5. Exit the cavern and go. Follow the narrow course.
  6. Use the momentary capability to get tossed across to the other side when you reach the Repulsed Unit.
  7. Beat the Raid beasts that will ambush you.
  8. Find the hole in the ground and leap into it.
  9. Take the courses, clearing the Cavern Tendril arms while preventing the red circles.
  10. When you reach the surface again, defeat the Silver Hidden Chain Beast master and the Tieback adds.
  11. Take the courses ahead. Next to the Dacron, beat the last spawn that will assail you: 2 Gold Hidden Chain Seekers and a typical opponent.
  12. Click the Dacron to include +10 Mastery.

Take the courses on the edge of the cliff, you will reach this Repulsed Unit. Follow the narrow path.
Next to the Dacron, defeat the last generate that will assail you: 2 Gold Hidden Chain Seekers and a typical opponent.

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At the top, when you exit the cavern, turn left and follow the narrow course. There is a load of blowing up Lam bro; you will get knocked off and have to redo this part.