The beginning of a new year is always a reon for joy.
We all want to start it with good foot, illusion and promises.
Like the Sony, it raises those players who still do not have a PlayStation 5 console in their collection.
Through the first official PlayStation 5 reservation campaign since its launch in Spain, users can now book their console with guaranteed delivery in January.
The process is simple;
Those who reserve a PlayStation 5 in one of the shops attached to this promotion, such Game, between December 12 and January 5, 2023, will be guaranteed the delivery of the console before February 1.
Of course, the units are limited so if you are interested in making a good gift from the beginning of the year and taking the extr that will arrive next to it, do not hesitate to do it quickly.

Reserve with quality additions

When making the reservation, a PlayStation commemorative silver pin will be delivered, a welcome card to enjoy video games in 2023 and a QR code with a very special video where Maya Pixelskaya, Revenant and Alba Horcajuela also welcome you
To the PlayStation Universe.

PlayStation 5, launched barely two years ago, h become for its own merits one of the most desired by the players.
In addition to its ultra-ft hard drive, accessories such the imminent PS VR2, the Dual sense control Edge or the Haptic Vibration function of these are some of their greatest claims.
Thanks to this characteristic, players can feel with authentic precision in their hands everything that happens on the screen.
The console is the home of titles acclaimed return, The Lt of Us: Part 1, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Tourism 7, Ratchet and Clank: A separate dimension or God of War: Ragnarök, winner of six Game Awards prizes for his
narrative, accessibility options or sound direction among others.
Or Final Fanty VII Remake, a reimagination of the original that laid the foundations of the modern RPG genus when it w launched exclusively for PlayStation in 1997. And for Marvel fans there is also a ration of heroes with Spider-Man and Miles Morales.


What does 2023 to PlayStation 5?

The lt Sony console prepares to receive a 2023 loaded with new novelties and titles.
The list that you will see below is only the tip of the iceberg of everything you can enjoy throughout the year that enters, but it will not be the only thing that will be launched for sale for PlayStation 5.

Dual sense Edge

On January 26, PlayStation 5 players will be able to get a high performance and customization control call called Dual sense Edge.
This new version of the PAD Dual sense h ultra-rustomizable buttons well two dedicated to use the user interface and a more torque at the back that can be configured at pleure.
It also brings an option to create profiles and move between them depending on the title that will be played, non-slip mangoes and the possibility of graduating the route of the R2 and L2 triggers.
Together with command, a transport ce is included to protect the Dual sense Edge once we have finished the game.
The virtual reality will rise on February 22, 2023, with the new VR Cisco of PS5.
PS VR2 will offer HDR graphics with 4K resolution, three-dimensional sound, eye tracking technology, vibration, adaptive triggers or haptic feedback among other characteristics.
Titles such Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge or an exclusive delivery of the Horizon saga for PS VR2 can be enjoyed in the new PlayStation 5 virtual reality glses 5.

Final Fanty XVI

With a launch date already set for June 22, 2023 exclusively for PlayStation 5, Final Fanty XVI h all ballots to become one of the best in the saga of recent times.
Both its director, Hiroshi Sakai, and its producer, Naomi Yeshiva, are two key pieces of the successful MMORPG Final Fanty XIV, also exclusive to PlayStation consoles.
A more adult and raw history than usual, an enviable technical power and an updated gameplay to times are some of its key points.
Spider-Man 2
After the success of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, both heroes will see the faces this 2023 with Venom in an epic adventure that promises action and spectacularly in equal parts.
The title is being directed by the same team that developed the first two chapters and ensure that not only will the capabilities of PlayStation 5 lead to the limit, but also the narrative part, with a lot of action and humor.
For spoken

The promising title of Square Enix, For spoken, will see the light exclusively for PlayStation on January 24, 2023. Built on the Luminous Engine graphic engine, the video game will be able to run at a frequency of 120Hz and 60 fps applying the Ray technology
Tracing to his whole set.
Frey’s adventure, a New York young woman who is dragged into the mysterious world of Atria, will lead the player to travel huge landscapes full of dangers with the sole help of her magic, granted for some strange reon.

PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation 5 subscription service h been completely renewed just months ago and now includes three types of membership where all users earn.
From the online multiplayer, through the Share Play functionality or free games every month, the variety in its different subscription plans is served.
With the Premium package you can also access a huge catalog of both clsic and current games, enjoy different proposals with Ubisoft Clsics, game tests or cloud streaming transmission.
With the entrance of the new year, a multitude of both retrocompatible games and novelties will be added to the premium and extra plans of PlayStation Plus so the fun is sured.

Reserve your PS5 console

Remember that you can reserve your PlayStation 5 console between December 12 and January 5, 2023. Insured delivery before February 1, 2023, until the end of stocks.
Limited units.
Reserve your console here.