If you played Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ for some time, you should have stumbled upon various locked places and find several keys during robbery.


Two such closed prey reserves, a caretaker’s house and a box of tools of a caretaker, can be found in the Al Sam mam cemetery, a point of interest located in the southwestern part of El Mara.
You can open these caches using their special keys for some good production items.

Location of the DMZ caretaker’s house

The caretaker’s house is a small structure located in the southern part of the Al-Hakam cemetery, as shown in the image above.
Inside, you can find a couple of prospects, as well as some other items, such as weapons, encrypted hard drives, etc. This place is usually guarded by bots and is rarely located next to the place of laying the bomb.
You can either kill them, or get into the house unnoticed.

Location of a drawer with DMZ caretaker tools

The second cache with prey can be found in the northern part of the Al-Hakam cemetery area.
You will find the sports bag Caretakers Toolbox next to the green bus in the cemetery.
Make sure that you are safe before robbing a cache, as there will be several onerous guards in this area.
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