Episode 10 begins the training of Benji and Power under the brutal tutelage of Kathie.


Despite her ruthless beating hours in the cemetery, novice students draw a plan to demonstrate to Kristin’s worth in battle in an ambush in her apartment.
Although it results in another hilarious failure, the sequence has many questions.

Why Benji and Power wore glasses?
During the attack.
We have answers.

Devil Hunters shows in Chainsaw Man, explained

Benji and Power put on glasses during their assault on Kristine because they are trying to fight more intelligently.
So youthful and purely symbolic as it is, it is exactly the type of crazy plan we expect from the Maduro Benji and the Power Infant.
While the two completely bruised and bloody students walk back home from the cemetery, they discuss strategies to defeat Kathie.
The power has the epiphany that they need to use their minds to defeat their teacher, whose brain is added to alcohol.
Benji, the manga lover he is, says he longs to fight as one of those intelligent characters in the stories he reads.
Copying the appearance of the smart manga figures that Benji admires, the two are equipped with glasses for their next attack, thinking that only look intelligent will help them fight intelligently.
So vice versa and scandalous as it seems, the movement goes in the right direction, since Kathie comments that the attack was the best effort of the couple so far.
While it is a very literal interpretation of fighting more intelligently, remember the expression if it is stupid, but it works, it is not stupid.
That is why Benji and Power used glasses in episode 10 of Chainsaw Man. Stay informed with more answers to your questions about Chainsaw Man, how is there a demon of the war?
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