Who doesn’t have a favorite video game character? Some might be memorable for the stories they star in, others might make an impression with their style. We did some research to find out what games our readers loved, and what games they would rather forget.

Some video game characters just don’t leave your head: We asked you on Facebook which of you have a special place in your heart.
You called us the following swarms.


16 heartbreakers in video games

It is just not so easy to forget specific raves for fictional characters.

We therefore asked our neighborhood on Facebook and our editorial group: Who was the extremely first or the most unforgettable character in a computer game for which you raved about?
The mostly mentioned however also most intriguing responses made it into our image series.
Click here and fall in love again in the following prospects:
And, was your Herbart along or do you have one or the other name to add one or the other?