The Spire of the Watcher dungeon appeared with Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2. The fighting group of the Guardians should enter this Warming structure to stop the VEX attack, which can lead to the death of the system.
But their efforts will not be in vain, since there will be plenty of production.
Weapons, armor and much more are waiting for those who have been daring enough to climb the spire.

Destiny 2 Observer spire

Observer spire weapons

  • Hierarchy of needs exotic sun’s onions
  • Seventh Seraphic Carbine kinetic automatic rifle
  • Revolver of the seventh Seraphic kinetic hand gun
  • The maximum vigil of the stasis kinetic weapon
  • Wilderflyite Energy Grenade launcher
  • Long hand of an arc rifle of a scout
  • Terminus horizon of arc machine gun

Armor Sleepers Observer

  • Titan: TM-Kogburn
  • Hunter: TM-EARP
  • Wordnik: TM-MOX

Spire of the Watcher other awards

  • Exotic sparrow to sunset
  • Flight of the Siberia emblem
  • Shameful column emblem
    Spire of the Watcher is a strange mixture of Rasputin and Tex Mechanical.


This is the topic of the Wild West, the action of which takes place in a retro-futuristic building, where cowboy fantasy is played out among killer robots.
This is completely unusual, and at the same time he feels at home in the huge and rich Laura Destiny 2. So medal, cowboy, and go for prey.
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