Yesterday Henry Cavill fans received bad news, since the author’s farewell as Superman’s character was confirmed, a statement he gave through his Instagram profile.
And while many think that he has no pending jobs, it seems that it is not so, because his participation was confirmed for a new series of Prime Video.

Cavils will join to star and produce an adaptation of Warhammer 40,000., The popular gambling in fantasy and science fiction miniature that is installed on Amazon.
The company is in final conversations for the rights of the game, produced by Games Workshop, this after months of negotiations so that no one takes it away.


The game scenario is 40,000 years in the future where the situation is really dark.
Human civilization has stopped progressing and is in an endless war with aliens and magical beings, with gods and demons appearing in a theological class system.
At the moment they have not been confirmed to the cast and neither to the writers of the same, although Vertigo Entertainment is attached as executive producer.
For now, before the news is worldwide, the millionaire company has to reach the final treatment to get the rights.
Via: The Hollywood Reporter
Editor’s note: It is sad that poor Cavils has run out of many options, sadder because his departure from The Witcher series would have occurred to be able to play Superman.
And now, he is not going to give life to Gerald de Rivia or Clark Kent.