These lt weeks have been especially convulsive for actor Henry Cavill, moving from a state of euphoria to the definitive farewell of his most beloved character: Superman.
And it is that after appearing by surprise in the commented postcredit scene of Black Adam and then announced its official return Superman part of the DCE less than two months ago, the actor finally confirmed a few days ago his final output of DC after the entrance of the entrance of the
New creative team formed by James Gun and Peter Saran at the head of DC Studios, since its objective is to restart this film universe with a new Superman in front.
Well, now he he to light how much Henry Cavill charged both for the Black Adam cameo and for the cameo of the next The Flh, a scene that apparently would have eliminated the final footage so not to cause more confusion among the spectators.

How much did Henry Cavill charge for his two cameos?

Thus, the journalist Umberto González of The Wrap recently responded to a user on Twitter who commented that Henry Cavill had abandoned his role The Witcher-Does charged one million for episode-for nothing, in reference to his ‘dismissal’ of DC.
Cavils w paid $250,000 for Cameo in Black Adam and another $250,000 for the now eliminated scene from Clark Kent at the end of The Flh, said Hollywood insider, information also collected by other US media such Screen Rant.
However, Henry Cavill would have perceived an amount well below his cache to return Superman, although he is a fortune for any mortal for a few seconds of appearance in a blockbuster.
In this way, the Black Adam cameo seems to be that it will be the lt appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman in DCE, a first look at what w to come in theory but will finally not happen.
And the same goes for The Flh, Cameo that in this ce we will not see in the film, since his brief participation would have already been eliminated from the final sembly.
Everything indicates that finally Henry Cavill’s Superman will run out of closure at the height of his character;
True shame.


Even so, James Gun himself opened the door to the actor in ce he needed to count on him.

H Kingdom said Crossover in a few years with the Superman de Cavill much more mature?
Dreaming is free…