Have you ever wondered what secrets a War zone 2 DMZ map can hide? If you’re looking for an exciting Easter egg that could yield some serious rewards, then look no further than Building 21 on the DMZ map! This article will provide all the information you need to hunt down and unlock the weapon cases that can be found within the building. So get ready to explore and let’s find out what awaits us inside!

With Building 21 now in War zone 2 DMZ there is a certain Easter egg that you can finish throughout the game and which brings you some good benefits and objects.
However, these rewards are available in the type of weapon case, and you have to know the War zone 2 DMZ Building 21 weapon cases places to get them.

Considering that constructing 21 in War zone 2 is not on Al March, you need to develop a technique to cut off well in the challenging location.
However, prior to you can snap one of these weapon cases, you need to get a War zone 2 DMZ Structure 21-access card that describes our guide.

War zone 2 DMZ buildings 21 weapon box locations

A weapon case in War zone 2 DMZ Building 21 can be preserved as quickly as 2 minutes have passed.
Go to the data center and slice the system.
From there, go to the third flooring to open the safe in the weapon chamber and get a weapon case.
You can then either wait and try to survive or chase after an email point to extract it with a weapon case and one of the rewards.
These gun boxes can include one of lots of War zone 2 DMZ Building 21 rewards, from a weapon building strategy to cosmetics, player cards and more.


If you like the look of you, it could be worth taking care of a case.
You have to try to do this in a game as early as possible, since constructing 21 is a tough place, filled with tough enemy AI.
However so you can find and find one of the locations of the War zone 2 DMZ Structure 21-weapon cases.
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