With the release of the Uncharted: Tradition of Burglars Collection in October in 2015, 2 titles from the iconic series were ported for the PC.
This continues Sony the method of publishing previous special titles for the PC, smash hits such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War have actually currently received effective ports.
With Uncharted 4, the Tradition of Burglars Collection likewise includes the tail end of the 2016 series.
Ever since, it has become silent about the announcement of a brand-new experience.
Since in an advertising clip for PlayStation 5, Sony could inadvertently have scenes from a prospective successor.

What does the PS5 advertising show?

The short promo movie with the name Live from PS5 reveals a number of snips from live messages.
Every series shows a different franchise, including Horizon, God of War or Gran Tourism.
A very particular excerpt from the nearly one-minute clip is currently causing a lot of conversations.
He shows a young woman with a torch in a dark cave.
Later on she appears once again and is shown how dust blows from an apparently ancient artifact.
It is the only excerpt that can not be plainly designated to one of Sony’s games, which recommends that this is a previously unannounced job.


contradictory statement by the Naughty Pet dog CEO triggers doubt

Just last week, the head of the developer studio Naughty Canine Neil Luckmann spoke in an interview that the chapter Uncharted has ended and now wishes to carry on.
This declaration leaves space for speculation.
One chance would be that the deal with a possible Uncharted 5 has simply ended and now wants to concentrate on brand-new jobs.
Otherwise, Brockman could also indicate that the franchise was provided to another studio, after all, numerous spin-offs have actually already been developed by other studios in the past.

The 4th part of the Uncharted series was an excellent financial success, of course there is always the possibility that Sony has actually decided to send the franchise into well-deserved retirement.
Which might also be a legitimate alternative based on the bad sales figures for PC porting.
At the existing time, neither Naughty Pet nor Sony formally talked about the potential leakage.
These are pure speculation that you have to enjoy with caution.
Source: Video game chronicle
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