The Season 2 of Call of Task: War zone 2 begins February 15 and brings a brand-new map into play-Ashika Island for Fight Royale and DMZ.


Now the first pictures of the map are online, and it shows: The leakages of the past few weeks keep right.
Mango collects the info about the new, little War zone map.
With the Season 2 of Call of Duty: War zone 2, a touch of nostalgia blows through the Battle Royale.
There are many changes to put the mechanics back on the normal War zone 1 uses.
Everybody always has 3 Panzenplatte locations
Loadout drops return two times in the match
There disappear backpacks
Gulag again 1vs1 with flag at the end
Here is all information about Season 2
At the content you likewise utilize known principles.
War zone 2 brings a small map for the popular resuscitation modes.

Here group members return to the match for a particular point in time as long as a team from the team is still alive.
Even with the new Map Ashoka Island, the very first photos of the MAP program parts of the old code card Castle.
We will show you what is understood to the MAP so far.

Cod War zone 2: Ashoka Map-pictures and tactical card

Here is the tactical map of Ashoka Island:
Here are a few photos with impressions for Sights:
What is known to Ashoka Island so far?
The first leakages pertained to the Season 2 early on and illustrated of a Japanese Season topic.
The leakages assured the operator Robin, the Castle map for the multiplayer of COD MW2 and a little War zone map.
At least for the War zone part, one can now say that the info was clearly really precise.
The rescue mode (Renewal) will come together with the brand-new map straight to the Season start on February 15th.
In addition, the little map also comes for DMZ mode.
As quickly as there is brand-new info about Ashoka Island, we upgrade the short article appropriately.
What is your impression of the map?
Do you believe that the resuscitation mode can give War zone 2 a thrust again?
If you believe some content developer, then War zone 2 is currently history: The big YouTuber & Twitch banner say that COD War zone 2 is currently dead-is that real?