Yesterday he was one of great ads for the Universe of DC films and series, with the confirmation of superman: Legacy, a film that will not count this time with henry cavill as the protagonist.
And many were confused months ago, since the actor made a cameo in the black adam movie, which in the end did not help much.
It turns out that James Gun had never really fired Cavils, since he was not in his plans to have him as Superman, and that Black Adam scene was made before he entered as CEO of the movies’ division.

That means that many media assumed that things had occurred for sitting for that scene, something that was ultimately wrong.
Here is your statement:

First, we don’t say goodbye to Henry.
Henry was never chosen.
He had a cameo in Black Adam sent before his arrival at DC Studios and that was the end of his story.
Many people made assumptions that were not true, but for me, it’s about whom I want to choose as Superman and who wants to choose filmmakers.
For me, for this story, it’s not Henry.
Gun says that at the moment he does not see Cavils as Superman, but it is not ruled out that at some point he can return to interpret someone else, and that is the only hope that you have for now.
Something that was also a bit discouraging, was the departure of the Witcher series actor, something that was interpreted that was to be able to devote himself to DC cinema.
Via: The Wrap
Editor’s note: It is sad to see the actor leave, but James Gun is trustworthy, so the new interpreter of the character may be the right change.
Of course, it feels unfair that other actors like Ezra Miller remain in their papers, if it was going to be a total change.