Sony has just unveiled the games that will be available for free for PS members more in February.
Among the games that subscribers will be able to download from February 7 we find Evil Dead: The Game, Olli World, Destiny 2: Beyond the Light and Mafia Definitive Edition

Evil Dead: The Game |
PS4, PS5
Put yourself in the skin Dash Williams or one of his friends of the cult franchise Evil Dead, and combine your efforts in a multiplayer game in cooperation and in JCJ with infernal intensity!
Form a team of four survivors and explore, loot, manufacture and find the objects required to seal the breach between the worlds, in a game inspired by the three original films Evil Dead as well as the original TV series Ash vs Evil Dead.


Fight in the camp of the forces of the good or take control of the powerful demon of Kansas to track Ash and the other players taking possession of the cadavers, the objects of their and even the survivors, and consume their merciless souls!
Olliolli World |
PS4, PS5
Chain the grinds and the tricks to try to do the legendary skateboarding gods in your quest to reach Nirvana, with this platform and skateboard game drunk and personality.
Fill in missions and challenges in a strange and wonderful world, and make a few friends on the way.
Live a rich and accessible experience in complete freedom, and enjoy the fluid and original gameplay.
Developed by Roll7, an independent studio with multiple awards (notably at BAFTA), Olliolli World is the third opus in the series acclaimed by Critique Olliolli.
Destiny 2: Beyond light |
PS4, PS5
Embark on a new adventure in Universe de Science Fiction denies from Destiny 2 with this extension of the multiplayer shooting and action.
The guards will explore Europe, learn to master the new elementary power of the stasis and recover powerful exotic equipment by facing the fallen All of darkness, Tigris.

Mafia: Definitive Edition |
Explore an urban landscape of the 1930s, recreated with Architecture, cars and the culture of Lentre-deux-wars… and integrate the sordid environment of the underworld in this remake of the original game of 2002. Give yourself a place within the
mafia at the time of prohibition.
After an altercation with the underworld, Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver, plunges into organized crime.
Labor reluctant to Life to work for the criminal family of Salary, Tommy quickly succumbs to the gain of gain.
We can say that it is a beautiful cover for this month of February.
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