New offers have reached the PlayStation Store.
On this occasion, a series of sales, under the name of critics selection, are already available.
Here we find games by PlayStation, Ubisoft, Atlas, EA, Cap com and more companies, at reduced prices that you cannot miss.
In this way, we present some of the best offers you need to take advantage of right now.

–Dying Light 2 Stay Human PS4 & PS5-Available at $29.99 dollars.
–Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II-Cross-Gen Bundle-Available at $52.49.
–Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition-Available at $14.99.
–They tour 7-Available at $29.99 dollars.
–Red Dead Redemption 2-Available at $19.79.


–Horizon Forbidden West-Available at $29.99 dollars.
–It Takes Two PS4 & PS5-Available at $15.99.
–Resident Evil Village Gold Edition PS4 & PS5-Available at $39.99 dollars.
–Final Fantasy VII Remake-Available at $29.99 dollars.
–Hades-Available at $16.24.
In addition to these offers, you can find many games with up to 70% discount here.
In the same way, it is important to mention that these discounts will be available until February 15, 2023, so you still have some time to take advantage of the sales.
In related issues, it seems that Uncharted 5 would already be in development.
In the same way, Sony decreases the sales expectations of the PlayStation VR2.
Editor’s note:
Without a doubt, a very good selection of games at low prices.
In addition to these, you can also get Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, with its DLC, about $5 dollars.
There are several jewels you need in your bookstore, and this is time to add them.