Everyday life has long since.
After a stressful first half of the season, emphasizes Marco Hold, the break benefited him in order to tank strength on getaway in Mauritius.
In the meantime, winter break is also over for the Bavarian local leagues.
Third league relegated Turkic is already getting ready for the staying 16 games on the home complex on Preacher Heinrich-Wieland-Straße, beginning with the game at the Würzburg s on February 24.
In the middle of it is the male who is especially crucial at Turkic: Hold, who celebrated his 33rd birthday this Tuesday, had a consistent efficiency, after a year and a half in Austria at the then 2nd division club Wacker Innsbruck in his home nation.
The captain guided the video game out of the midfield in 20 games so far, orchestrated the protective and revealed himself to score with three goals and six templates.

back to the old workplace

At the age of 33, wood appears to have reached the zenith of his work-he was probably never prior to.
The time in Tyrol, its only foreign station up until now, was extremely educational for the local of Deggendorfer.
The four coaches have brought him further and a brand-new physical level.
In addition, he understood one at his age.
I have to do more today than at 20, emphasizes the midfield engine.
This attitude was by no methods seen by this attitude at the start of the season that after his return to Turkic, where he was currently under agreement from 2019 to January 2021, he just had a week of preparation.
When the demand came, he didn’t need to believe long, although the farewell left some displeasure at the time.
He is not resentful.
Specifically considering that a lot has altered ever since.
Not least the relationship of trust with coach Alter Hayabusa, who definitely desired wood, was a reason for his decision.
Wood is currently a several burnt child.
At Turkic, the goodbye was a true blessing later on, due to the fact that the association just needed to look for personal bankruptcy a year later on.
In Innsbruck, Hold also got into an unstable environment.
It was not beneath and left there, at first no salaries were paid and in the summer of 2022 the Tyrolean club also needed to look for personal bankruptcy.
While Innsbruck is now playing in the fourth-class Tyrolean league, Hold is completely satisfied with its choice to go back to Munich.
With his sweetheart he commutes between Bettendorf and the Bavarian capital.


And expectations were likewise gone beyond in regard to sport, considering that Turkics team was created in 4 to 5 weeks.
Obviously, one could have depended on the leading than in 5th location, states Hold, including that he is mainly pleased with what has been accomplished so far.
Leader Wood wishes to target 3rd location for the recurring round.

I am a footballer through and through and desire to play as long as possible

Marco Hold (33) does not consider a prompt carer
No question.
Wood defines the path, however how things choose him after this season is not yet particular.
In the meantime, nevertheless, everything suggests that wood will also lead the Munich Turks as a captain in the coming season.
His contract at Turkic ends in summer season, however includes a choice for another season.
And at the minute it is truly challenging to think of that a person of the two sides does without this option.
Explore Hold, which was trained at TSV 1860 from 2004 to 2006, is too valuable and in 2018 in two games (2: 3, 2: 2) with 1. FC Saarbrücken in the third department promo round stopped working on 1860.
And he feels too comfortable with the brand-new Turkic.
Nevertheless, the preparation for wood slowly begins for the time after the active career.
Soon he wishes to get into a civilian job and preferably be maintained to football as a coach.
Too many thoughts about it presently does not wish to lose it on the contrary.
I am a footballer through and through and wish to play as long as possible, he stresses, leaving a possible profession end open.
Admittedly, this seems to be far in the present type.