Price: Summer season sports or winter season sports (Kevin Vogt).
I have been taking a lot of biathlons for 5 years and likewise take a trip with my twin sister Vanessa, who begins worldwide Cup. The organizers in Oberon asked me to accompany a youth camp in October.
Training the Australians address me, wish to make sports images- and then take off other than for the ski hunter utensils and their vibrant Australia shorts. A funny theme, which also brings up sport well..
Kevin Vogt, 25, Flea-Seligenthal, freelance photographer.
Price: Between the Legs (Samson IPP) Samson IPP.


Price: Between the Legs (Samson IPP).
Samson IPP, 25 years, Munich, self-employed photographer.

Price: Double jump (Tom Weller) Tom Weller.


Price: Double jump (Tom Weller).


Tom Weller, 23 years of ages, sweet, independent photographer.