4 episodes of The Last of United States series have currently been published, with the last ending for everybody who does not know the video game with a cliffhanger.
Fortunately, we do not need to be client for so long to discover how things go in the 5th episode.
Episode 5 is broadcast earlier than typical since as Sky Germany validates in a press release.
The reason for this is apparently a sports occasion.

thou episode 5 comes Saturday

Actually, the brand-new episodes of the series adjustment in Germany commemorate their best at Sky and Wow and hence parallel to the United States HBO broadcast on Sunday night.
Episode 5, however, is an exception. On HBO, the next episode does not appear on February 12, but on February 10, which also impacts the broadcast at Sky and Wow-just adjusted to the time zone.

  • When will episode 5 be relayed?
    Rather of February 13 (Monday), the 5th episode comes 2 days previously, i.e. on 11.
    February (Saturday) from around 4 a.m. The complete schedule of the series can be discovered here:
    34 4
    The Last of United States series on Sky/WoW
    Template of all the follow-up datum + release in Germany
    All other episodes ought to then be triggered on Sky and WoW as normal on Monday early morning.

The Last of Us

For episode 6 we do not have to wait seven, but for nine days.
The following teaser already offers us a small sneak peek of the fifth episode:
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reason is most likely the terrific bowl

Why episode 5 is relayed 2 days earlier was not pointed out in the press release.
However, it can be assumed that HBO does not wish to be able to hit the Super Bowl in order not to unnecessarily affect the number of viewers (via Variety).
The Super Bowl is the last of the National Football League (NFL) and is the sporting occasion in the U.S.A.
Given that the event this year on February 12th (this is February 13) takes location, it would normally have overlapped the 5th episode.