Capturing Haiku is not an easy task.
For the minute, you can do it by defying Giovanni and by making your way through the special research task A Professors Work Is Never Done.
The execution of this job will oppose you to the leaders of Team Rocket Go Cliff, Sierra and Carlo.
After that, you face their chef, Giovanni, who caught Haiku and changed them into a ghost Pokémon.

Haiku is a pure electric type Pokémon, so if you have actually worked on your Ground and Rock Type collection, you will be much easier to dismantle it.
Here are some of the best Pokémon to use to defeat this tough opponent.

GARCHOMP, a soil and dragon Pokémon, is constantly an exceptional option to deal with Haiku.

They have a maximum CP of 3962, an attack of 261, a defense of 193 and an endurance of 239. You specifically wish to utilize a Gar chump which has ground-type movements, with the earthquake being the very best alternative.
If you have a person with Mud Shot and Earthquake, you ought to discover that it does a remarkable amount of damage against Haiku.
Although this is not the best person to use in other cases, it is a perfect option versus Giovanni.

Excadrill is a soil and steel Pokémon, which means that it takes a minimum of damage when touched by electrical, poison or rock movements.

He has a maximum CP of 3,244, an attack of 255, a defense of 129 and an endurance of 242. The weakest defense is the Achilles heel of this Pokémon.
Given the quantity of damage that it takes on electric type movements, you should do well against Haiku.
You need to make sure to concentrate on using an Excedrin with terrestrial type attacks, such as Drill Run, Mud Slap or Earthquake.

Golem is a Rock and Ground Pokémon, and like Excedrin, it undergoes percentages of damage from electric type attacks.

He has a maximum CP of 2,949, an attack of 211, a defense of 198 and an endurance of 190. For those who had trouble handling the other leaders of Group Rocket Go of Giovanni, Golem is an outstanding option in
factor for his greater defense.
At the same time, he might not launch the most important attack.
He can undoubtedly resist any attack of a mad Haiku.
You wish to utilize the one who has Mud Shot and Earthquake.

Steelix is a steel and flooring type Pokemon with an optimum CP of 2,414 with an attack of 148, a defense of 272 and an endurance of 181. For those who thought that Golem had a high defense, Steel ix puts it out of the park,

That implies you need to focus on using soil-type attacks versus a haiku.
Although a Steel ix does not go through excessive damage from the electric type attacks, you do not desire to lose a wear of wear with a weak attack.
You wish to utilize the one who has Iron Tail or Dragon Tail with Earthquake.

Rhyperior is a soil and rock type Pokémon and is the advanced form of Radon if you use a Singh stone.

He has an optimum CP of 3,733, an attack of 241, a defense of 190 and an endurance of 251. Hyperion is equally with Gar chomp in regard to power, but with Haiku, you should make certain that you are constantly hitting them with a.
speed-fire of ground attacks.
Mud Slap and Earthquake are the very best choices in Hyperion, so if you have one with this ideal combination, you need to not have problem butchering the Pokémon in the Shadow.
While these options will handle Giovanni’s Haiku well, you should constantly deal with the very first 2 Pokémon that Giovanni tosses you.


Make certain you develop your group to deal with all Giovanni Pokémon and prepare for a hard fight.