MSI Korea (CEO Public Book) is a G Live broadcast for MSI ‘Stealth 17 Studio’ and ‘Vector GP66’ gaming laptops from 8 pm to 9 pm on February 8 (Thursday).
GL/PRCXGT) announced that it will hold an unprecedented event.

In this live broadcast in the G-Market, you can see the ‘Stealth 17 Studio A13VH’ and ‘Vector GP66 12UEO’ gaming laptop at a discounted special price.
In particular, the main features and functions are introduced as a place to pre-pre-order and realize new ‘Stealth 17 Studio’.

The Stealth 17 Studio A13VH is a 17.3-inch ultra-slim gaming notebook with 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700h and RTX 4080 high-performance graphics.
It has been certified as NVIDIA Studio, and it boasts unpleasant performance in various environments such as not only games but also video editing/3D.

Vector GP66 12uEO is equipped with the Intel i7 processor and RTX 3060, providing power and powerful performance of up to 185W (GPU 140W +CPU 45W).
In particular, a display with a shining OLED panel, QHD high resolution, and 240Hz high-resolution rate, enhances the immersion of the game by embodying the exact color of the natural light as well as the vivid and vivid image quality.

Meanwhile, a gaming mouse and pad will be given to customers who purchase laptops during live broadcasting, and the MSI root box will be presented to 20 people who have quizzed through the chat event.
In addition, there are also buyer events by product such as Shingle Gift Certificate and 50,000 won Steam Code.

For more information on the MSI notebook, please visit the MSI user café or MSI Korea website.