Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will start in multiplayer, the DMZ and War zone 2.0 in its second season.
After there had actually already been some information about the Season, the designers have now also released a roadmap that presents the content of you for plainly.
Shooter good friends receive the new Ashoka Island card in War zone with the complimentary upgrade, which is developed for smaller fights.
A new occasion and a brand-new mode are also included.
The Ashoka Island map will likewise be utilized in the DMZ mode.

There is likewise a brand-new manager with the bomb contractor.
In the multiplayer, to name a few things, the 6VS6 card Calderas Museum previously known from the Beta returns.
And Dome also knows players from previous parts of the series.
There are two more fight cards.
The 6 brand-new modes, which can be played in the multiplayer in the course of the Season, need to provide range.
Five brand-new weapons, a brand-new operator and new skins for Role and Nova complement the deal in the multiplayer.
More information on the Season 2 Roadmap: