Rigorous studios control

Besides, even if Grafton swears that the sales The Callisto Procedure are in accordance with expectations, it is certainly no coincidence that the management already reveals a change of approach from 2023. While his studios benefited till
‘ Here of excellent autonomy throughout production, the group’s headquarters now means to collaborate more closely with them, ensuring a more strenuous supervision of development games on the basis of a certain variety of requirements, in specific the results of internal tests

In addition to the games of his own studios, Grafton also intends to extend his publisher’s capabilities by finding rare pearls at an early phase
Grafton then unveiled an introduction of four important tasks in preparation
The very first is none besides the next PUBG Studios video game, Job Black budget, whose ambition is to popularize the category of the JCJ-CJCE outdoors world thanks to the experience acquired for many years on PUBG
Not the slightest visual for this project probably still extremely little innovative, and whose platforms are still to be determined, even if the objective seems to be to use all the tables (consoles, PC, mobile)
The 2nd is the next Subnautica in preparation at Unidentified Worlds, a studio which Grafton got in October 2021. Absolutely nothing more than a brand-new confirmation than the studio is well floor on a successor to his popular game of
Exploration and marine survival, in addition to the tactical parenthesis which he opened with the most discreet Moon breaker
For this new Subnautica, we can already expect larger cards however also richer in interactions and animals
Task Gold rush targets the Western public and is part of the open-adventure genre in open world
A ACJE service game with an instant handleable handling alone or in cooperation, a sandbox planned for the young generation with a strong identity and new features
In other words, a game that currently reports lots of nursing in the creativity of investors, as its code word suggests

one more significant studio in Montreal

Under the name of Task Windless is a job of which Grafton has currently spoken, specifically the adaptation of the cycle of wonderful novels The Bird That Drinks Tears
What we understand now is that this title AAA has actually been delegated to the brand-new studio Grafton Montreal, whose group includes Ubisoft alumni (like all other studios in the city)
In the credits of this Unreal Engine 5 task at the principle stadium, the studio primary Patrick Bethe, producer Benoit Crappier and director Frédéric Duroc who all worked in particular on the Far Cry franchise, or the artistic director Wang Joe Boy (
Perseverance, the group does not even have 10 employees yet and intends at 150 hires over the next 3 years
Our objective is to create a game where narration and gameplay go completely, while pushing the limits of innovation in the video game market, you can read
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Grafton, PUBG home, but likewise studios from Subnautica and The Callisto Protocol, revealed its outcomes for the year 2022, an exercise marked in particular by the transition from the famous Fight Royale to the Free-to-Play financial design along with
by the release of the abovementioned scary game
On the big sous side, Grafton did not explode the barrack however displays appropriate results
If turnover is slightly decreased with 1.36 billion euros (compared to 1.37 billion euros), operating earnings has a solid 555 million euros (compared to 466 million euros)
What Grafton won above all in 2022 is experience
First by offering brand-new inspiration to the good old PUBG thanks to the modification of economical design in favor of free-to-play (it remained in January), then by released a first blockbuster intended for consoles and the PC (c’ remained in December)
So certainly, The Callisto Protocol has actually not become a glare, but Grafton may have the ability to gain from it in his mission to become a distinguished publisher targeting all the markets and all the platforms
Grafton results
Duration |
Turnover |
Operational advantage |
Net profit
January 2021-December 2021 |
1.37 billion euros |
466 million euros |
379 million euros
January 2022-December 2022 |
1.36 billion euros |
555 million euros |
369 million euros.