The Fanatic season can be considered as a historical failure.
One of the most iconic eSports organizations in Europe is left out of the playoffs of the renewed LEC of League of Legends in which they only won two maps the best of one of the nine they played in these three weeks.
Several players have apologized on their social networks, such as Reckless who uploaded two videos to their official Twitter account asking for forgiveness for their performance.
The last one to rule about it was Razor, who did it on his Twitch channel.
If you want to see the raised VoD we leave you down the link.
We will tell the highlight that the Spanish jungle commented.

Males Drafts, bad reading of goal and poor collective performance, several of the keys

Razor began talking about the proposals of the maps in which they consider that they were bursting them in Scrims and that practicing things of the finish line, they saw that we did not know how to play them neither the matchup nor the possible Counter Matchup.
We started to put patches to solve this situation, and we reached a situation that we were so conditioned in the draft, that we only had 30% of winning options, apart from the fact that the team’s environment has not been entirely good.
In the end, they chose to give balls to humans but the level of Czech in many sections also left much to be desired.
This problem of the lack of practicing target picks in the team was the main reason why Razor did not play the Queue Champions, is a European ranked super server that implanted this year.
I have not played on the server because there people practice things that are a goal, and they will not help me. What am I going to practice a Bot Lane Heimer-Caitlyn or Lucian-Nami if we will never play them?
The most devastating part of what Fanatic’s jungle
That should be a dream… And I don’t know, people are like that they lowered their arms very soon. I tried to encourage the team and pull them, also during the games, but everything was very difficult.
One of the parties for which Razor was most criticized was on the map against Astral is and that play at level two in which the game ends for him.

The jungle tells that he did not want to fight, and that it was his companions of the Bot Lane who forced him
Those best of three.
Finally, in terms of its future, Razor does not know what will happen and if Fanatic will make a decision in this market.