While the PlayStation 5 is gradually anticipating much better schedule, the little available Nintendo Change is still on the rise and sells bread like cut.

We now get exact numbers from a new sales report from Nintendo.
They demonstrate how popular the portable hybrid is still practically six years after its release which you are gradually reaching record-breaking shotguns.


With 122.55 million consoles sold, she now even trumps the Game Boy and PlayStation 4.

Nintendo Switch: Multiagent console can not be stopped

So two titans still extend over the handheld hybrid and have an outstanding lead that the Nintendo Switch will not easily outbid.
The Nintendo DS can reflect on a proud 154.02 million sales, while PlayStation 2 is currently at the leading with 155 million consoles sold.

If you take projections for the remainder of the game year, Nintendo must take a self-confidence to the future.
With Pinyin 4, Kirby’s Go Back To Dreamland Deluxe and Bayonet ta Origins: Carla and the Lost Devil you have no crowd-pullers in your luggage, however The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is likely to tear once again after the success of the predecessor-and get reported
According to a limited Nintendo Change version.

Nintendo not only outbid the competition, but also himself: While the PlayStation 4 comes to 117.2 million copies sold, the Video game Kid is simply above with 118.69 million devices.
Both have now been overtaken by the Nintendo Change, which has currently end up being the third most succeeding video game platform.

When the Nintendo Switch can offer more than 30 million additional copies, it stays to be seen whether and.

Regardless of numerous rumors, a follower is still not revealed, simply as little as a professional version-you can describe the OLED design presented in 2021.
Currently, last February the Nintendo Change also exceeded the Wii and the original PlayStation, both of them successful in their own kind.