In the course of Hogwarts Legacy’s action, you will satisfy the herbalist teacher Mirabel Garlic reasonably early.
She wants to do the Wingardium Levies in a side quest from you that you pertain to you in a side mission from you.
The problem?
If you explore in the incorrect location, she does not expose exactly where you can find and the search can be tiring.

Airguns are a good way to stun challengers in Hogwarts Legacy-and essential to open a particular spell.
We’ll inform you where you can discover the shouting plants.

HOGWARTS TRADITION: How to find waterway and root mushroom

Instead, you need to go to the north of Hogsmeade for Wassergerich and bulb mushroom.
There you will find the rather inconspicuous store, rather separated from the remainder of the village.
On website, you can then purchase airguns, Vanessa tentacle and Chinese chewing cabbage or alternatively likewise their seeds.
The latter are naturally more practical for your gold bag, but for the satisfaction of Professor Garlic’s quest, it suffices to buy already finished Merck.

You can also purchase airguns and other plants from the Kobold ARN, which lives a little south of the Hogwarts Castle in a town.
For him, however, you have to do a small mission beforehand that sends you in the fight versus other goblins.

You will not discover the airguns in the open video game world, but mostly in a specific store.
He notes the name of the Wasserwegerich and bulb mushroom, however in the beginning look there is no info where you can find the store precisely.
It is really quite simple: in the village of Hogsmeade, if not straight in the.

buy Vanessa tentacula-or secure free of charge

In addition to airguns, Professor Garlic likewise desires Vanessa tentacle.
You can also purchase them, however at the beginning you can also dust them totally free of charge.

To do this, you only have to go to the matching flea fire in the greenhouse location of Hogwarts-you can see a few Vanessa tentacle through a door.
This conserves you a few important gold coins at the beginning.

By the method, you can find much more interesting pointers in our entry-level guide to Hogwarts Tradition.
In addition, we recommend appropriate graphics settings if you experience fluctuating refresh rates on the PC.

If you have airguns and Vanessa tentacle together, you only have to utilize them to enemies.
To do this, pick the plants through the wheel menu and toss them in front of your feet with the assistance of L2 or LT.
As quickly as you have done this, you can go back to Teacher Garlic and learn Wingardium Levies.


A magic that you will certainly utilize in Hogwarts Tradition a few times and shouldn’t neglect it.

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