Hogwarts Legacy allows players to live their wildest dreams and inspired by magic, bringing fans back to the magical world in this original avalanche software story.
In addition to manufacturing a wand and choosing your own home, an activity consists of catching magical creatures in a light version of Monster Hunter.
A creature that can be achieved is astral, and if you have problems finding them, do not fear;
This is what you need to know about how to find and catch west at Hogwarts Legacy

How to catch kestrels at Hogwarts Legacy

After completing The Elf mission, The Nab-Sack and The Loom, a Nab-Sack will be given, which is your tool to capture magical beasts.
Capture a threadstral will allow you to take it back to the Men.

When it comes to capturing astral one, it is a bit complicated since it requires that you be cunning.
When you find a place where kestrels inhabit, you will need to use the disappointment spell to quietly approach them.
Follow that with momentum arrest, and they will be ready to be captured for a brief period.


Minstrels at Hogwarts Legacy

Whenever you have progressed enough in history and explored a lot, central locations will be marked on their map with a leg trace.
If you have not found any place yet, you have no problems, since there are only two places where you can find them.
They are:

Santana of the East of North of Ford

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Lake Marunweem

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That is all you need to know about where to find before and how to catch them in Hogwarts Legacy.
See our related section below to get more tips and tricks so that your trip is as easy as possible.
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