There are specific items that are absolutely critical to your survival in Sons of the Forest. From a basic shelter to food and also water, players’ first couple of hrs on the island in the new survival-horror video game will be everything about attempting to locate these things, so they can survive. One of these devices is the Rope Gun, which enables players to gain access to zip lines, which are needed for a number of caves spread around the island. If you’re struggling to find the Rope Gun, don’t fret, as you’re definitely not the only 1. In this guide, we’ll be reviewing every one of the steps called for to acquire the Rope Weapon in Sons of the Woodland.

Children of the Forest Rope Gun place

Go directly after passing the yellow rocks, and also you will ultimately get to an additional incline that you have to go up. After going up the incline, you’ll be in a little location that has more of the yellow rocks. After you get through the crouching component, go to the right path past the stalagmites in the middle of the course.

If you’re struggling to find the Rope Gun, do not fret, as you’re certainly not al1. In this guide, we’ll be going over all the actions called for to acquire the Rope Weapon in Kids of the Woodland.

Inside the cavern, maintain heading directly until you locate a wide open space. From the opening of this area, head left, embracing the wall surface as long as feasible. You will ultimately reach an additional opening, which introduces one more passage for you to follow. Maintain going directly once more up until you see a big, gray animal embedded right into the wall. In order to clear a path with this creature, grab the Time Bombs that are on the ground alongside the carcass. Toss the bombs at the creature as well as it will blow up, creating area for you to stroll with.


There, players will certainly discover a cavern that leads them down a winding expedition which will result in them locating the Rope Gun. When you get to the end of the path, you will certainly locate a cage resting on the ground, which contains the Rope Weapon. Make Use Of the Rope Gun by going past the dog crate on the ground as well as then pressing E when triggered.

However, the location of the Rope Gun is not a simple place to get to. Initially, players will need to make their way to the western side of the map, right in between the sea and also the snowy hill range. There, players will locate a cave that leads them down a winding trip which will result in them finding the Rope Gun. You can see specifically where the cavern is located on the map in the general practitioner screenshot below.

Once you get to the end of the path, you will certainly find a pet crate remaining on the ground, which has the Rope Weapon. Pick the Rope Weapon up, and also your character will furnish it. This is very important, as you need to use the Rope Weapon to zip line to the cavern’s leave. Make Use Of the Rope Weapon by transcending the crate on the ground and after that pressing E when motivated.

Adhere to the course, and you will certainly get out of the cavern when you’re on the ground. Since you have the Rope Gun, you can either get the shovel and proceed or gather several of the other tools you need, such as the Re breather. For extra on the brand-new survival game, check out our Children of the Woodland suggestions.

Climb up the slope and after that go to the left path once more. When you see these rocks for the very first time, go directly left as well as you will certainly see another path that has more of these rocks.

This leads to an additional open location, where you can find a dead human on the ground with some useful supplies alongside them and a letter entitled More Lights. Collect the letter, and after that head straight past the cadaver for rather some time. Do not fret about how much time it’s taking, as long as you went directly to where the cadaver as well as letter were, you’re headed in the right instructions.

Once you’re near this location on the map, you will see an environment-friendly blip appear on your map. Head toward the environment-friendly spot till you discover a big stone with 3 human beings thing on spikes before it. This is the entryway to the cavern. All you need to do is head into the entry, press E to get in, and afterwards highlight whatever light resource you have on hand. We recommend a flashlight, but a torch works simply.