The Last of the United States episode 8 has a trailer– as well as it looks like an absolute problem is unfolding for Ellie, that locates herself in the firm of some seriously scary survivors. Looters for The Last people episode 7 ahead!

While the previous episode invested a decent piece of its runtime in the past, providing an understanding right into Ellie’s awful backstory, it additionally cleared up how Joel would certainly endure his stab injury when Ellie begins gruesomely sewing him back together. Still, that leaves Joel inactive, which implies Ellie needs to encounter a possibly aggressive group of people on her very own.

Gamers may additionally observe that the trailer looks particularly exact to the PlayStation video game, which should come as no surprise, as the show has been meticulously committed to recreating renowned moments until now. Also, Joel’s medical problem, exposed in The Last people episode 6, has a small detail backing it up in video game canon.


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Episode 8 is the penultimate episode in the season, so it’s not a surprise that the action is going to obtain specifically eruptive. However, The Last people season 2 has currently been confirmed, so Joel and also Ellie’s story will not be finishing right now.

While the ringleader intends to welcome Ellie into the area, one person specifically– who game fans could notice is played by Troy Baker, initial voice of Joel– isn’t so keen on the concept. We then see flashes of Ellie grabbing a knife, running for her life, and also a structure ablaze. Ominous…