The Naruto franchise can be consolidated as a timeless, since its characters are remembered with enough love for those who followed their chapters’ week with week.
However, there are new generations that barely know this world of ninjas, as the series is available for many users through streaming services.


The same means that the followers continue to pay tribute through cosplay, and the clearest example is Eugenia Bruno Bella, a model of Italy who likes to recreate the female characters of the work.
One of his most successful costumes is that of Pinata Huge, who in the manga is the love interest of the protagonist with whom he ends married.
Here are some photos:
It is worth mentioning, which has made many more cosplay, either anime or video games, having among its catalogs to Sakura, Robin de One Piece, Lucy of Cyberpunk Edge runners and even Aqua of Kingdom Hearts.
That it is worth saying, the complete sets can be found in their payment services as Patreon.
In news related to Naruto.
Recently a new franchise video game was confirmed at the most recent state of play, which takes up all the Games of the Storm saga in a single story.
If you want to know more about this future title, we invite you to see the information in the following link
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Editor’s note: Without a doubt the world of cosplay is stronger than ever, and that is why there are people who already live well from that business.
Since they invite them to events and that translates to selling prints among more details.