Circumnavigating the globe Sociopath Vacationer 2, you will definitely experience numerous side pursuits.
These quests can offer you amazing knowledge about the world bordering you and its individuals, in addition to offer numerous honors.
Among these various side missions can be found in the Canal brine on the western side of the map.
This pursuit is called lost and also located vacationers.

Passing the game Sociopath Tourist 2 Travelers Lost and also Found

The mission requires you to go to Canal brain as well as speak with a young traveler in the city.
He will certainly tell you that he shed something vital which the last time he remembers this, he was in the Anchored of the Bay of pets in Yokohama.
You will be required to go to the bay and also talk there with a woman who will have a bottle of white powder.


The powder is really the ashes of the priceless close friend of the tourist, so it is very essential that he will certainly return it.

where to find a bottle of white powder in Sociopath Traveler 2

The lady in inquiry is on the pier where the boat is located.
You can make use of the ability of the throne to burglary to order a bottle and also return it to the traveler.
As a reward you will certainly receive the following:
4000 sheets.
One average vital nut.

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