Fanatic is one of the teams that has made the most changes over the last days.

After staying out of the European League of Legends LEC/LCS, the British will have one more way out in their troops before the Spring start on March 11.
This decline is that of Sens, Performance Coach of the team and with whom we had the pleasure of chatting days ago on the occasion of the International Day of Psychology.


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The eSports.

Adrienne and Toscanini are already in Berlin

Some leave, and others arrive.
Rumors seem to be confirmed and both Toscanini and Adrienne will be part of the first Fanatic team for this spring season.
The revealing images were the published CAM of Fanatic’s Gaming House.
The players, except for logistics problems, are recorded by CAM during the games, and paradoxically neither the top nor the support of the academy were in the team’s gaming house.
In addition, and seeing other Fanatic players have made stream from the team’s offices, as has reasoning, for example, the funds are the same, so everything remains, as the Spanish proverb, White and in Bottle would say.
As for the crack, Fanatic took a giant step to ensure the playoffs after defeating KOI in a match in which Toscanini was one of the protagonists and for which he was given the MVP at the end of the map.