The criminal laboratory brigade almost came there this time.
The team approached Silver Ink’s brain thanks to the clues obtained from the strange scene of the death of Dr. Auerbach in CSI: Vegas, season 2, episode 15.
I hope that was the end.
But there was not so much luck.
It was fascinating that Auerbach had contributed to the emergence of the murderers of Silver Ink, but not in a way that no one suspected.
While she was not directly responsible for the current murder wave, she certainly participated indirectly in the creation of the master mind, despite her best efforts.
It was disappointing that, with all the characters connected in some way with this case, the master mind appeared out of nowhere, presented in the initial flashback that foreshadowed the eventual murder of Auerbach.
Using such a Machine Zeus to solve a story feels as an evasion, and that was certainly the case to some extent here.


Even so, Max’s team is slowly progressing, so that’s something, right?
They learned that more and fewer things are happening than they had initially suspected.

At the end of the episode, they had a better management of the overview.
The disadvantage of that was that there was a bigger image.
And the progress, in large part, was thanks to the Beau and Penny laboratory rats.
It was a Penny genius blow to improvise all the partial fingerprints found in the crime scene in more complete…