As already known, for some months the co-creator of Sonic The Hedgehog and director of Alan Wonder world, Yuri NASA, was arrested due to a certain problem with Square Enix.
And since having collaborated with said company he had access to privileged information, thus managing to buy and sell shares in a somewhat fraudulent way.
NASA has been tried in the District Court of Tokyo and, when the charges were presented, he admitted that there was no doubt that he had done what he was accused of.


With this it is confirmed that it was guilty for violating the law of exchange and financial instruments of Japan in this case to an externality of a new dragon quest game and use the data in your favor.
NASA allegedly bought approximately 10,000 AIMING shares (developers of the new Dragon Quest) for around ¥2.8 million ($20,000 USD), with the intention of selling them again once the title was announced and the value of the Aiming shares would be announced.
This declared before the judges:

There is no doubt that I learned the games before they were made public and bought actions in them
Now it only becomes known what will be the consequences of what the creator of Sonic has done.

It is expected that it is not such a severe punishment, after all it is not known if you have already spent the money it earned with the sale of shares.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: Poor NASA has had a streak of very bad luck, because to start he commented at the time that Alan Wonder world had not had to go on the market.
In fact, he says that Square Enix withdrew him from the project to advance his launch.