The DOFFS 2.67 update makes substantial changes to the level.
From Panama to Florence without mentioning all the others, more than 10 classes undergo impactful changes in their gameplay.
We help you go around.

DOFFS 2.67: all class balancing, redesign, nerves and up

You can directly go to Article or the class section by clicking on the icons below.
Note what sag it for the beta 2.67 modifications and that the outing on conventional servers, the lines are not final!
The beta having opened on March 7 and following the median duration of test periods, you should still have time, before March 28, to go around!

Quick summary of DOFFS 2.67 modifications

There is no very precised objective for this major update.
We can only note that a large part of the classes undergo changes, often very significant.
Among other things, we can cite the nerve of the PA withdrawal on all those that can withdraw or improvements in comfort with retailed icons (Said, Uppercase, Steamer).

However, it would be neglecting the works do noted on the Panama and the Florence, the two big points of this patch.
Actually no.


Leaflet, Heliotrope or even Lambdas should also be mentioned.
How to forget also the nerves of death knell or ambuscade.
In short, if you play a class which you recognized higher, read carefully.

Clip 2.67

Heliotrope 2.67


FCA 2.67

Samosas 2.67

Foulard 2.67

SRAM 2.67

Steamer 2.67

Below 2.67

Zonal 2.67