Way forward and Canard Games announced that Lunar will be available on March 30, 2023, on all consoles and PC.
The opportunity to give voice to the main creator of the game, the Canadian Johan Vine, in a video reminding that the influences of this title do not stop in Flashback.
Because yes, Paul Coolest’s game has often been cited since Lunar’s announcement, just like other representatives of the Cinematic-Plateform-Plateform game such as Prince of Persia (Jordan Meaner) and Another World (Éric Chai).
The story, the characters and the Lunar atmosphere, however, rely on many other works related to the centers of Johan Vine, who quotes Total Recall, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon and The Expanse for science
-Fiction, as well as classics like Indiana Jones and returns to the future for the learned balance between issues and humor.

In the name of the moon

Lunar, contraction of the words moon and ark, is the name of the operation aimed at transforming the moon into a gigantic spaceship in order to host a population eager to find a new planet rather than to be died at the same time as the
Behind this monumental operation, artificial intelligence by the name of Noah (Noah).
The player follows the history of Leo, a young protagonist embarked in a rebellion against a totalitarian regime.
Like that of Flashback, the hero can run, jump, hang on, climb, roll and shoot to cross levels combining action, platforms and reflection.
The universe will be revealed according to meetings with the key characters of STORIES, emphasizing the social inequalities that humanity has quickly reproduced even far from its birth planet.
Lunar was born out of Johan Vine’s passion for the production of Remake Game Boy Color / Game Gear made for the pleasure between two working days on titles like Flint hook, Mercenary Kings Reloaded, Shovel Knight Showdown and Rivals of Ether.
Faced with the enthusiasm raised by his models on Twitter, Johan Vine decided to make his own game and founded the Canarigame studio in 2018 while launching a Kickstarter campaign, before receiving a Way forward call, who became the publisher of the game by
the following.
Limited Run will also produce a limited box draw.