Surviving a plane accident and being abandoned on a tropical island may sound like a blow of luck, but it is not so good when this island is full of carnivorous cannibals and monstrous mutants.
That is exactly the problem facing our protagonist in the last prequel of terror and survival of End night Games, Sons of the Forest.


While he is busy trying to survive and make a living in nature, he may wonder how to manufacture a repair tool in Sons of the Forest to help you in your adventure.
That is how.

How to make a repair tool in Sons of the Forest

To make a repair tool in Sons of the Forest, you will need three things: a PALOP Rocky somewhat rope.

Fortunately, all these resources can be easily achieved at the beginning of the game.
For example, cutting small trees or sprouts with your weapon will produce sticks, while the rocks can be found by clicking the floor with a stick or walking along the coast of the beaches.
The rope, on the other hand, can be found mainly in caves or camps of cannibals or ships.
Once you have all these ingredients, you can create a repair tool following these steps:
Press the key to open your inventory.
Pass the cursor on the stick, the rock and the rope and right click on them.
This will place them in the center of the mat.
Press the COG icon in the upper right corner and combine them.
After a brief animation, the repair tool will be created to use it.
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What is the repair tool in Sons of the Forest used?

The repair tool is a really useful kit in Sons of the Forest, since it can repair buildings, structures and floors that have been created by the player.
You can also use it to collect small trees and shrubs.
While it does not cause any damage to hostile mobs such as cannibals, it does kill birds, so it is useful for finding feathers.
There you have it.
With luck, this has helped you give you a clue on how to make a repair tool in Sons of the Forest.
To get more information, here it is explained how to make fire in the game.
Or, if you prefer, keep going and take a look at the links below.
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