That is why Bungee might desire you to know Cayde-6: with the monument, Bungee attracts focus to a dead character again after 4 years.
You have to ask yourself: why?
It could simply be a unique motion to meet a long-awaited yearn for the veteran.


  • Or Bungee still has something in mind with Clyde and that makes it needed for as lots of gamers to have actually heard his name as feasible.
    Whether there is a return or not-in completion it needs to reveal the time.
    In Nightfall, the keepers still have 4 periods with fresh material.
    And also in The Ending Form, the last DLC, there will certainly be a few good-old stories to inform.

Maybe likewise with especially prominent characters.
Did you recognize Cayde-6?
And what do you state about the concept with the monument?
Was it not worth or long overdue talking?
Like to compose it in the remarks.
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