Figure out even more regarding catch-up gear in Patch 10.0.7.

Forbidden Reach Catch-Up Gear 101

  • Primarily gear can be upgraded to Thing Level 395 with Untapped Forbidden Expertise at Mosque Town.
  • Untapped Forbidden Expertise originates from taking part in the Forbidden Reach content. Open upper bodies, eliminate rares, as well as complete the Test of the Storm occasion. Eventually, you will stumble upon the upgrade product.
  • Furthermore, the Primal Tornado gear provided by Mattress can additionally be upgraded to Rank 3 (Item Level 395) in the patch.

  • Spot 10.0.7 includes Boa catch-up gear tokens that you can send out to alts.

  • Gear tokens are available for all slots.
  • They go down from all kinds of web content in the Forbidden Reach, consisting of killing crowds, opening depository, beating rares, completing Frost stone Vault Primal Storms, and also a lot more.
  • The gear tokens start at Item Degree 385.