150 in the game, Radio’s pages are not necessary in Hogwarts Legacy.
They allow a few cosmetic elements and history elements to have, but nothing that impacts gameplay.
However, they are essential to complete the sorcerer’s guide.
Part of these pages of Regalia can be found in the south of Hogwarts, even if some require specific spells to be found.

List and location of the South Ladle Regalia pages

The Four Creatures well

In the courtyard of the Shortage tower.

Loraine mechanisms

At the top of the Shortage tower.

Dargyllshire card

From the Flame de Cheminette Court de la Tour de Lhorloge, turn around to borrow the bridge and find the map to the left of the building.

Lachlan LE Men

From the Dargyllshire card, go down the stairs to find the statue to their right.

Haunted toilets

From the DargyllShire card, turn around to travel the corridor and find the page in the toilet, the second door on the left.

Portrait of Brought

From the Flame de Cheminette Tour DES Professors, go to the back of the room to find the painting of a buffalo.

Portrait of the big lady

From the Flame de Cheminette Tour DES Professors, go to the bottom and take the stairs in a spiral to go up.
Go to the left to find the portrait at the end of the corridor.

Turtle shell embedded with precious stones

Requires Alhambra or the quest for the lunar complaint of the current concierge.
From the Flame of Cheminette Tour DES Professors, pass the right door to find the shell under glass at the top of the first staircase.

Adventure novel collection

Requires Alhambra Rang 2.
From the turtle shell embedded with precious stones, unlock the door to find the page in the bottom of the room.


Boris Le Hazard

From the infirmary path flame, descend Le scalier in a spiral.

Bathroom of Prefects

From Boris Le Hazard, take the door next to Le scalier leading to the lower leather to find the painting.

Fontaine de la unicorn

In front of the infirmary path flame.