The role-playing life-player of Harvested provides its players with the intrastate mechanics of work, which affects the combat experience of players and the acquisition of certain weapons and skills. The general mechanism can be a little confusing for players who expect ordinary tasks presented in most games; However, Harvested is based on its work on the class system.

We have developed this leadership specifically so that you better understand how to switch and equip professions and how many of them are available in the game. So, to better understand, continue to read!

How the vacancies’ system in Harvested works

The system of professions or just professions are combat classes that will be available to you during the game in Harvested. The presence of different tasks in the game can change the general dynamics of the game, and you can use certain arts and skills to cause trouble to enemies.

Simply put, the profession is your classes, and players will be able to equip them and switch between them, as well as use their privileges as the requirements for achievements fulfill. Now that you know what the intrastate mechanism of tasks is, let’s see how you can equip and switch between tasks.

how to switch and equip workplaces

Switching and equipment between tasks in the game are quite simple. Instead of confusing players in difficulties and details, Harvested requires them to move around the game, as usual, and as soon as they reach a key landmark, they will open work.

Players will begin with the main profession of a fighter, and as they pass and open new professions, they will be able to equip no more than three at the same time. You can switch between them; However, make sure that your character is configured.

On the only character tab, equip the classes in empty slots, and these classes will become directly attached to your hot keys, which will allow you to switch between classes in the middle of the battle.

Just press the Z and use the arrow button to switch to the assigned class. Continue to update your hot keys as you open more tasks and switch them from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the level.

Types of jobs

Below are jobs and their skills in Harvested;


The profession or class of a fighter is a class of physical attack by default, which can perform a fast sword technique. This work is great for controlling the crowd and gives an advantage in managing your enemies, allowing you to perform distant and targeted attacks.


Land of skills


A magician is a fighting profession in a game that, when equipment, allows players to use long-range magic attacks. He uses several elements, which allows him to apply great damage to his enemies. It also helps players skillfully aiming their opponents and getting rid of them.

Land of skills

assault shroud

Assault Savant is a combat mission in the game, which, combined with the science of hostilities, gives attacks with high damage and switches attributes in the middle of the game to make its play style universal. This is a class that causes physical and hand-to-hand damage, which is great for ordinary effects.

Land of skills

Sky Lancer

Sky Lancer is a task for physical and remote battles, which is great for the purposes of controlling the crowd. It has excellent physical attacks and an attack with a spear with wind attributes and provides players with greater flexibility.

Land of skills

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker is the role of a damage dealer in a game that helps you destroy enemies with your double blades. You swing them at your opponents, and they disappear from the arena. With the help of strong skills, you can further increase your performance forever.

Land of skills


This combat work is perfect for players who love physical attacks and weakening of enemies. It also allows players to target their enemies and attack them in order to achieve an excellent damage effect.

Land of skills


This work of support in the game allows the player to use his magic through the song to help revive the health and performance of his allies.

Land of skills


This is a work on applying damage in a game that gives your enemies physical attacks at a distance. You can also change your attributes from ice to fire and vice versa.

Land of skills


This is the Area Effect and Dot task in the game that focuses on physical and magical attacks with a magic sword. Studying new skills, you can forever increase its performance. In addition, this work can deal with large-scale attacks or plague areas with serious damage.

Land of skills


Ligament is a work on damage in a game that is great for a wide range of magic attacks and weakening enemies.
He can perform attacks using a huge mass of the planet.